“Male Enhancement” Fraudster Sentenced to 25 Years

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“Male Enhancement” Fraudster Sentenced to 25 Years

Scott Swenson

Enzyte promoter sentenced to 25 years for fraud. "Male enhancement" -- shockingly -- doesn't work.

Sen. John McCain was asked if Viagra should be covered by health insurance, and the Bush Administration is making an all out attack on access to birth control, but at least one "sexual health product" has been — shockingly — determined to be a fraud.

Steve Warshak, founder of Berkeley Premium Neutraceuticals, was
convicted earlier this year on 93 counts of conspiracy, fraud and money
laundering. Federal prosecutors said the company bilked customers out
of $100 million through deceptive ads, manipulated credit-card
transactions and refusal to accept returns or cancel orders.

“This is a case about greed,” U.S. District Judge Arthur Spiegel
said. “Steven Warshak preyed on perceived sexual inadequacies of

Warshak said: “I do feel deep remorse and would like to apologize to
any customer who ever had a bad experience with my company.”

Sex. Abortion. Parenthood. Power.

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Warshak was sentenced to 25 years. No word yet on if the advertising folks who came up with the "Smiling Bob" television commercials are being sentenced as accessories.