Roundup: Sebelius vs. Archbishop, Women’s Rights and our Planet

Brady Swenson

Gov. Sebelius asked to stop communion, Global women's rights essential to sustainability, Abortion rights in Northern Ireland.

No Communion For You Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann has asked Gov. Kathleen Sebelius (D-KS) to stop taking communion because of her public policy positions on abortion rights. These efforts to drive a wedge between politicians who are able to seperate church and state in governing decisions for all people, and their personal faith, will likely increase as she is mentioned more on everyone’s short list for Vice-President. Gov. Sebelius has been very successful in moderating strongly Republican Kansas and has ties to electoral rich Ohio where her father was Governor.

Northern Ireland’s Women Want Choice I mentioned in yesterday’s roundup that, for the first time ever, all four major political parties in Northern Ireland agreed on a major issue, they stand united against abortion rights. In today’s online edition of the Guardian Laura Canning comments in response to this action:

According to our party leaders, abortion not being available here is just the
way we want it. Not so. Contrary to what our MLAs would have us believe, women
in Northern Ireland do actually have abortions – 40 a week at the last count –
and around 80,000 in
total since the 1967 Act. Preventing access to abortion here does not stop
abortion, it just means that it restricts it to those women who are lucky enough
to be able to find up to £1,000 in a hurry.


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Family Planning is Green Paul Hanley of Canadian newspaper The Star-Phoenix writes a great article on the importance of women’s rights around the globe to creating a sustainable world. Time Magazine tells us once again (for the slow learners) What Condoms Have to Do with Climate Change.

Thousands of Pregnant Women HIV Positive The Reproductive Health Group of Sierra Leone conducted a two-day, nationwide HIV testing and education drive for pregnant women. The results showed that 2,181 pregnant women who did not previously know their HIV status tested positive for the virus. Gladys Gassema of the Reproductive Health Group reiterated that HIV/AIDS related stigma was one of the major factors that continue
to discourage people from going for the test.

Happy Anniversary Feministe turned three yesterday. Thanks to one of the leading feminist voices on the web for three years of great work.

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