Clinton Wins in West Virginia

Amie Newman

Hillary Clinton gained a solid victory in West Virginia. Is it enough to keep her in the race?

Hillary Clinton won the West Virginia Democratic primary this evening by an overwhelming margin. Obama, in fact, conceded even before all the votes were counted.
But the number of delegates Clinton will proportionately receive from this primary is still not enough to make much of a dent in her overall campaign, according to the LA Times. West Virginia offered a total of 39 delegates including superdelegates.

In fact, Clinton trails Obama in total pledged delegates as well as super delegates, with Obama picking up another four super delegates today. Hillary Clinton’s campaign also continues its debt trajectory, now at $20 million.

West Virginia is 95% white, with many of its residents lower-income, living in rural areas with minimal education. And, when asked in exit polling whether race was a factor in their voting, two in ten white West Virginia voters said it was with half of all voters saying they would not support Obama in a presidential race should he end up the nominee.

Hillary Clinton did note, in a speech in the state prior to the primary, that no Democratic candidate had ever ascended to the presidency without first winning West Virginia in over one hundred years.

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The race is still in play though. Obama cannot disregard this loss considering the above fact as well as the plain truth that Obama needs to carry these voters if he is to become President of the United States. 


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