Roundup: Ferraro Says Too Late to Worry About Supreme Court

Brady Swenson

Ferraro on women coming out for Obama, Pope on contraception, Lack of condom use in Britain.

Too Late To Worry About Supreme Court Geraldine Ferraro appeared on Fox News again (video) last week talking about the state of the Democratic primary post-North Carolina and Indiana. Toward the end of the clip (0:44 left) the interviewer asks Ferraro one of the hot questions in Democratic circles right now: "In order for your scenario to play out (Hillary Clinton) will have to have all these superdelegates cross over and support her. If I’m an Obama supporter what is my incentive to vote in November, if you get your wish?" Ferraro replies:

I had a state senator, who is one of Obama’s friends from Illinois, say to me the other day, ‘If indeed Hillary is the candidate, Obama’s supporters, the blacks and the young kids, are gonna stay home. But with women, women will go out and vote for Obama because they are worried about the Supreme Court and choice.’

I pointed out to him that there are some things all of us old folks, Catholics, the ethnics, all of us, are worried about other things besides the Supreme Court.

I talked about the Supreme Court in 1980 and in 1984 and people’s eyes glazed over. It’s a little too late to worry about that now. The voters that she has are going to stick with her all the way through.

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