Roundup: Courts, Contraception and Campaigns

Brady Swenson

McCain's judges preference, Feministing on anti-contraception and men railing against Obama's pro-woman stances.

In his latest attempt to shore up the conservative side of the Republican base John McCain said he would use Justices John Roberts and Samuel Alito as "the model for my own nominees if that responsibility falls to me." In the article AP reporter Libby Quaid notes that McCain has, despite a blip in 1999 when he stated publicly that Roe V. Wade should not be overturned, "an otherwise unbroken record of opposing abortion rights for women."

Jessica at Feministing has a good followup on Cristina Page’s announcement that the American Life League will be launching a campaign against contraception called "The Pill Kills." Jessica writes that she is "actually kind of relieved by this campaign, because at least the anti-choice movement is showing its true colors."

Men’s News Daily has a post up entitled "Obama Hitches Wagon to the Radical Feminist Agenda." Carey Roberts lumps Jeremiah Wright and William Ayers in with feminists calling all "flamethrowers who espouse radical causes." What have feminsts advocated to be labeled thus? Roberts goes on to list all the radical causes feminists work toward, and that Obama backs, including access to contraception, eliminating the gender wage gap and domestic violence and even (nooo!) women-owned businesses. I think could go on for quite a while but Jess McCabe at the f word has a great response that will more than suffice.


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