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Scott Swenson

Rewire likes to celebrate successes, and one of our biggest is Amie Newman. Today, she becomes Managing Editor of Rewire!

The great part of working on progressive issues are the people you meet and work with. Amie Newman is one of the best, and as such, I'm pleased to announce her promotion to Managing Editor of Rewire.

Amie started writing with us once a week from Seattle while working at the Aradia Women's Health Clinic more than one year ago. When the clinic closed we jumped at the opportunity to have her work with us full time; accessing her years of passion for women's health and strategic communications background. Rewire has been on a dynamic growth path ever since.

To list all her accomplishments here would be redundant — just look at the web site and know that Amie's vision, leadership and hard work are shaping everything we do.

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