Teen Moms Say: Too Little, Too Late

Amie Newman

In today's Fresh Focus video contest post, teen moms share their vision for effective sexuality education.

There is very little talk during this election season about young people. For all of the excitement amongst younger voters that Barack Obama has whipped up over his campaign, where is the discussion of comprehensive sexuality education? Health care for young people? Teen pregnancy?

The entertainment media loves to dissect the discussion of teen pregnancy when it comes to Jamie Lynn Spears and her troubled family issues or Keisha Castle-Hughes and the irony surrounding her portrayal of the Virgin Mary shortly before she became pregnant at 16 years-old. Never mind the fact that Castle-Hughes seems to be doing extremely well and stated time and time again that she was thrilled and comfortable with her decision to become a parent. Or that Jamie Lynn Spears' pregnancy gives us a perfect opportunity to have a deeper conversation around teen pregnancy.

The term "teen pregnancy" seems to exist in a time/space vortex where the rhetoric never changes: teen pregnancy bad, teen pregnancy = moral decline, teen pregnancy only happens because we're not teaching them to abstain from sex.

Well, the teen moms you'll see in Teen Moms Share Their Vision for Sex-Ed, one of ten video finalists in our Fresh Focus: Sex Ed Digital Video contest, have their own take on sexuality education and what may have helped them in their own lives.

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