Quit It With the Abstinence-Only Stuff!

Amie Newman

From "fortune-tellers" to frustration, today's featured video finalists are fed-up with the silence around sexuality when it comes to young people.

Remember making "fortune-tellers" when you were young? You wrote down colors, numbers and names under the flaps of the small, intricately-folded creation and deep in the middle, under all of the flaps, you'd craft "fortunes" for your friends amusement. How many friends did you reel in to be the recipients of this magic-making device?

"Quit It With The Abstinence Stuff", one of today's featured video contest finalists ,uses the power of the fortune-teller to make a powerful point about sexuality education and the true consequences of relying solely on abstinence-only programs for sexuality education.

And in Sex.Ed.101, a young woman beautifully explores the conflicting messages young people receive from parents, society and school. In this powerful video, a teenage girl becomes frustrated when her parents put up the big, ole hand when she wants to discuss sex.

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