Real Time: Aurora Clinic Open

Brady Swenson

The law prevailed yesterday in Aurora, IL as city officials confirmed a temporary occupancy permit for the the new clinic. Though the clinic opened today anti-choicers have made one last effort to close it.

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The law prevailed yesterday in Aurora, IL as city officials, bereft of further legal recourse against Planned Parenthood, confirmed a temporary occupancy permit for the the new clinic.

Planned Parenthood made a decision to file for a building and occupancy permit under the name of a subsidiary, Gemini Development Corp. The permit was issued but when it became known to local residents and city officials that a Planned Parenthood clinic was to open in the space the city attempted to revoke the permit and protesters took the streets.

It was determined yesterday that the permit was obtained legally by Planned Parenthood and the clinic opened peacefully today. Steve Trombley, the president and CEO of Planned Parenthood/Chicago Area, said during a small opening ceremony that Planned Parenthood has "no regrets about how we went about this process. We kept this quiet from our opponents, and we had good reason."

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Update 1:00 PM
According to Jill Stanek's Pro Life Pulse anti-choicers have filed an appeal of the decision to grant PP the temporary permit at 9:58 am CDT this morning just two minutes before Planned Parenthoods official opening time. The clinic, as stated above, did indeed open at 10:00 AM, despite the claim on Stanek's blog that the filing "is supposed to trigger an automatic "stay" of the decision by which the permit was granted." According to Pro Life Pulse the appeal was filed on behalf of neighboring residents "who are aggrieved by the violation of their rights to have notice and a public hearing on a proper application for a special use permit, which PP never applied for, let alone obtained." I'm not sure about the legal legitimacy of this filing and I've not heard a response to the filing from PP just yet. We'll keep this space updated as this issue develops.

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