Honoring Women’s Lives

Nancy Keenan

Three years ago we marched for women's lives; what better day to flood Congress with calls in support of the Freedom of Choice Act. Anti-abortion activists are poised to act... are you ready to defend Roe v. Wade?

The U.S. Supreme Court has cleared the way for President Bush's Federal Abortion Ban. This dangerous ban—which has no exception to protect a woman's health—will become the law of the land and anti-choice activists will be one step closer to their goal of overturning Roe v. Wade. If there was ever a time to stand up and fight to keep politicians out of women's private lives, it is now.

At NARAL Pro-Choice America, we've taken our fight to the next level and started an all-out campaign to support the Freedom of Choice Act. The Freedom of Choice Act would codify Roe v. Wade's protections into federal law, essentially repealing the Federal Abortion Ban and guaranteeing the right to choose for generations to come.

NARAL Pro-Choice America helped organize a diverse list of 25 groups for a national call-in day today, April 25. And what better day to flood Congress with phone calls about the Freedom of Choice Act than on the three-year anniversary of the historic March for Women's Lives.

Exactly three years ago today, on April 25, 2004, more than one million pro-choice Americans came to Washington, D.C. to send a message that politicians have no place in women's personal, private medical decisions.

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It's time to send that message again, because anti-choice activists and politicians are ready to unleash even more attacks on safe, legal abortion, without any regard for women's health:

  • Troy Newman, president of Operation Rescue: "The court has now said it's OK to ban procedures. We can do more than just put hurdles in front of women seeking abortions – we can put roadblocks in front of them."
  • Roberta Combs, president of the Christian Coalition of America: "It is just a matter of time before the infamous Roe v. Wade … will also be struck down by the court."
  • Leslee Unruh, an antiabortion activist in South Dakota who helped lead the abortion ban effort in that state: "I'm ecstatic….It's like someone gave me $1 million and told me, 'Leslee, go shopping.' That's how I feel."

Today, Wednesday, April 25, call on Congress to support the Freedom of Choice Act. Click here to find our instructions, including our sample phone script. Don't miss this important chance to fight back against Bush's Federal Abortion Ban.

P.S. If you can't call, send an email to your members of Congress in support of the Freedom of Choice Act.

NARAL Pro-Choice America is co-sponsoring the national call-in day with the following coalition partners:

Advocates for Youth

Alliance for Justice

American Association of University Women

American Civil Liberties Union

Catholics for a Free Choice

Center for American Progress Action Fund

Choice USA

Feminist Majority

Law Students for Choice

Medical Students for Choice

National Abortion Federation

National Asian Pacific American Women's Forum

National Council of Jewish Women

National Council of Women's Organizations

National Family Planning and Reproductive Health Association

National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health

National Organization for Women

National Women's Law Center

People for the American Way

Planned Parenthood Federation of America

Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice

Reproductive Health Technologies Project

Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States

Sistersong Women of Color Reproductive Health Collective

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Reproductive rights are a public health issue. That's a fact.

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